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Chris Saint is the first Body Piercer ever to be featured on a TV show and now appears on TV in over 10 countries. He is known for his quick wit, sense of humor and extreme piercing work. Chris is the breakout star of the show “Tattoos After Dark” and quickly became a fan favorite. He is known to be extremely active with his fans especially on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Pictured above is Chris Martin from the Band Coldplay with Chris Saint after getting pierced at Timeless Tattoo in LA.

Chris Saint has over 10 years piercing experience and an amazing celebrity client list. If you’re looking for the best piercing in LA then why not visit the top rated tattoo & piercing studio in LA to get pierced by every celebrity’s favorite body piercer? We’ve made online booking easy! Just choose your piercing, choose the date, choose your time and click confirm! Click here to book your appointment now!


Piercing by Chris Saint on client Paris Jackson. Pictured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.